Directional Drilling – Equipment


In addition to the horizontal directional drill rigs, Directional Technologies supports each project with a self-contained fluid management vehicle, vacuum truck to remove drilling fluids and well-development water, and a support vehicle equipped with welding gear, tools, and parts.

Horizontal Directional Drilling Rigs
Directional Technologies, Inc. owns and maintains a fleet of state-of-the-art horizontal drill rigs. The D80 X 100 is manufactured by Vermeer in Pella, Iowa. The JT 2720 and JT 4020 are manufactured by The Charles Machine Works, Perry Oklahoma that carry Ditch Witch brand. The range of capacity in these rigs provides the opportunity to match the equipment to a wide range of field conditions.

D80 x 100 Directional Drill










directional drill information


JT 4020 Heavy Duty Directional Drill

heavy duty directional drill info


heavy duty directional drill picture


JT 2720 Medium Duty Directional Drill

meduen duty directional drill


Locating Systems
Directional Technologies, Inc. uses several of the most widely used locating system for mid-sized drilling operations. This includes the DigiTrak Eclipse® system and the TruTracker.

The DigiTrak Eclipse® system is a walkover locating system that relies on a transmitter or sonde that is placed in a housing located behind the drill bit. The sonde sends a signal to the surface and is picked up by a receiver held by the locator. The locator is able to monitor the path of the bore by reading and analyzing the data provided by the receiver, the information includes "tool face" and "pitch", a depth reading is calculated by using signal strength. The receiver is calibrated prior to beginning the bore. The drilling rig equipped with a remote receiver that also allows the driller to receive, analyze, and record the locating data.

directional drilling tracker


Magnetic Guidance System (MGS)

This is an industry standard for both the HDD and Oil industries. The basic theory behind these tools is they use a tri-axial magnetometer package which provides azimuth/bearing and a tri-axial accelerometer package with provides inclination and tool face. The data is transmitted up a wire line which is placed inside the drill pipe during drilling operations; the data is then displayed in a format the directional driller uses to provide the required steering commands to the driller so the bore can stay on it's pre-planed course.

TruTracker is a secondary form of locating an MGS steering tool. An MGS steering tool provides its left and right measurements by an azimuth just like a compass. So, just like a compass, when placed near steel or magnetic object, the directional information is distorted. TruTracker allows the operator to create a magnetic field, or coil, of known origin in relation to the proposed drill path. The computer receives input of the coil position. When the MGS probe is positioned underneath the coil, a TruTracker survey can be taken.

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