Directional Technologies, Inc. has completed thousands of Horizontal Remediation Well installations. Below are brief abstracts of representative Directional Technologies’ projects by application. Full project summaries and references are available by request.

Directional Technologies has been successfully designing and installing horizontal wells since 1993 for soil vapor extraction remediation systems and has documented radius of influence of up 120 feet perpendicular to each side of the well screen – one well’s radius of influence is over 240 feet. Achieving such significant efficiency reduces the cost of the horizontal remediation system (less drilling and well materials) and eliminates the expensive trenching and extensive interconnecting piping needed for vertical soil vapor extraction well systems designed to cover the same target area.

Vapor Intrusion

Horizontal remediation well systems designed for vapor intrusion mitigation have many distinct advantages. The drill rig and support equipment are located outside the building; therefore, commercial activities are not disrupted. There is no need for remedial equipment to be placed inside a building with space constraints. The horizontal well screen design can be re-engineered for low vacuum applications.

Bioamendment Injection

Horizontal well systems designed for injection of bioamendment materials have the advantage of enabling access to inaccessible areas under buildings where vertical wells are incapable of reaching remediation targets. Horizontal remediation wells designed for bioamdement injection are especially cost efficient when large aerial coverage is needed. These horizontal wells can also be designed as multipurpose horizontal remediation systems. Horizontal wells designed for bioamendment injection can typically be designed/used to serve another remediation function after the bioamendment program is completed. Example: implement a horizontal bioamendment injection program and then connect a blower to the horizontal remediation well(s) to serve as a subslab vapor intrusion mitigation system.

Horizontal Soil Sampling

Horizontal soil sampling analogous to vertical split barrel sampling can be achieved under a building or other obstructions where vertical drilling technologies cannot access. Horizontal soil sampling can also be executed from a convenient distance to a structure such that it will not disrupt commercial activities.

Air Sparge and SVE

Horizontal remediation well based Air Sparge and SVE systems can cover very large areas and can have very long well screens. The long horizontal well screens enhance bioremediation – more well screen in contact with the contamination mass equals faster site closure.

Dual Phase Extraction

Dual Phase Extraction wells were the most favored application of horizontal remedial systems in the early years of horizontal remediation well systems. Dual Phase Extraction deployed using horizontal wells is very effective for the remediation of dense nonaqueous phase liquids (DNAPL) due to the long horizontal well screen exposure to the contamination.

Chemical Injection/ISCO Injection

The first project summary for this application describes a horizontal remediation well network used as a delivery system for over 1.3 million gallons of oxidant solution. Horizontal remediation wells are ideal for larger impacted areas. This is because Directional Technologies designs and engineers its well screens to traverse long distances using a proprietary process to provide uniform flow across the entire well screen length. This ensures that the desired oxidant quantities are delivered uniformly across the screen length in the target areas.

Air Sparge Barrier Wells

One project highlights a 1,000-foot long horizontal well designed as an Air Sparge Barrier to truncate a migrating groundwater plume. The benefits of this horizontal remediation well configuration are: 1) the ability to effectively treat very wide plumes with one long well screen; 2) the ability to install one well beneath another from one location, should the plume’s thickness be greater than the radius of influence of one well (in other words, the wells can be stacked); and 3) the oxygen delivered via the horizontal air sparge remediation well will enhance the biodegradation process.

Six Phase Heating

Once again Directional Technologies, Inc. proves itself as the nation’s premier horizontal remediation directional drilling contractor by installing the first ever Six Phase Heating horizontal remedial system. The company worked closely with the client’s environmental consultant from design through installation to ensure a successful project.

Groundwater Extraction, Bio Sparging, Cathodic Protection

Directional Technologies regularly designs new and innovative Horizontal Remediation Well systems, new applications are being applied and increasingly technical challenges are being overcome by our in-house horizontal drilling, engineering, hydrogeology and remediation experts (yes, we are very different from typical drilling contractors). This unique blend of technical expertise and experience (we have a “deep bench”) enables us to regularly complete projects that were previously considered unfeasible. Directional Technologies, the nation’s expert horizontal remediation well drilling contractor, welcomes you to our website and encourages you to contact us to see if what you want to accomplish is feasible. We look forward to further discussing the benefits of horizontal remediation wells and are ready to solve your remediation problems, regardless of the challenges and complexities – give us a call!

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