Dual Phase Extraction


Horizontal Dual Phase Extraction Wells Under A Truck Stop


The owner of a truck stop had zero tolerance for any business interruption. The site required a technology that would allow normal business activities to continue. Directional Technologies' crews coordinated with the on-site manager to install a horizontal well under the entrance to the truck stop that had 20 to 30 trucks an hour passing over the bore path. A walkover locator was used to keep the project cost-efficient without disrupting the business activities. This well had precise entry and exit points, and a 60º turn that was achieved. Project Results: The system operated for 3 years and the site was closed.






Groundwater or total fluids extraction

Horizontal Wells at a Superfund Site

Directional Technologies, Inc. was contracted because of its reputation for quality work. The experienced experienced directional drilling crew drilled and installed 8 inch HDPE under a building at a percent grade for a total well length of 800 feet. The company worked closely with the environmental consultant during well design to provide the client with the most efficient horizontal system possible for the site. The original well design was amended several times and the final design was implemented. The well currently produces as much as 40 gallons per minute, meeting and exceeding all client expectations. The well is presently used for hydraulic control.

Horizontal Groundwater Extraction Well Project and Prototype Horizontal Tracking Equipment

Directional Technologies, Inc. experience and expert knowledge was instrumental in an innovative remediation project from design to installation. The in-house environmental engineer used the company's directional drilling experience to select the proper well materials and determine well placement for one of the first horizontal groundwater extraction wells drilled using standard directional drilling equipment. New prototype directional steering tools were field-tested on this project. Also, due to subsurface conditions, this project resulted in pioneering methods to overcome ground interference in the tracking system caused by metallic obstructions.