Soil Vapor Extraction


The following are case study briefs on Horizontal Soil Vapor Extraction Wells

Horizontal Remediation Well Pilot Test at JFK Airport, NY

Horizontal Soil Vapor Extraction

The project was the stepping-stone that literally created the Horizontal Remediation Well industry. An environmental consultant needed an experienced directional driller with a creative and educated approach to conduit installation. This pilot test would be the basis to install over 40,000′ of Horizontal Remediation Wells at JFK. It was crucial that the environmental directional driller chosen was able to contribute experience and knowledge to the project to ensure the pilot test achieved the correct pitch, depth, and radius in challenging site conditions.

Horizontal Well InstallationsDirectional Technologies rose to the challenge and installed three 200 feet Horizontal Remediation Wells at depths of 6 ft, 10 ft, and 14 ft. The horizontal wells were installed at the active airport terminal with major instrumental interference from reinforced concrete and from other equipment in the area. The pilot tests were a success and the full-scale soil vapor extraction and air sparge horizontal system was installed. The horizontal remediation system is still used today. This project is frequently used as the primary Horizontal Remediation Well case study.


Horizontal Liquid Ring Soil Vapor Extraction Well under Active Vehicle Maintenance Facility

Soil Vapor Extraction

A horizontal liquid ring soil vapor extraction well was installed under a busy vehicle maintenance facility. The environmental consultant worked closely with Directional Technologies to design unique well placement on a property that demanded a discrete remediation approach. Directional Technologies also provided the design to reduce the amount of silt that was being pulled into the horizontal well and subsequent procedures to maintain the maximum efficiency of this horizontal well.




Horizontal  Soil Vapor Extraction Wells under an Active Manufacturing Facility

Installing a Horizontal Soil Vapor Extraction WellThe experienced environmental directional drilling crew drilled and installed three soil vapor extraction wells, two installed as blind wells and one installed as a continuous well. During the project, Directional Technologies worked with the drilling fluid additives manufacturer to field test prototype directional drilling mud specifically designed for Horizontal Remediation Wells. Blind wells, horizontal wells without an exit point, are typically more difficult to install and these wells proved to be extremely challenging at the site due to the soil conditions. The horizontal drilling crew was in constant communication with the busy manufacturing facility on-site, preventing any disruption to the factory while the directional drilling activities proceeded. The horizontal drilling crew also overcame challenges presented by manufacturing equipment inside the facility that interfered with the signal needed for the directional tracking instrumentation to function. Despite these challenges, the installation of the horizontal wells was successful.



Horizontal Soil Vapor Extraction Well at Aberdeen Proving Grounds

Directional Technologies designed, installed and developed one air sparge well 15 feet in depth next to a former gas station site. Directional Technologies’ environmental directional drillers installed the horizontal well in three days despite very limited and confined space at the site. The entire area, the length of the well, was swept for unexploded ordinances prior to well installation. Directional Technologies conferred with environmental consultants on how to use existing wells to reach a new hot spot.

The site achieved closure but was reopened after discovering an unknown “hot spot”. The system operated for approximately two years.


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