Founded in 1992, Directional Technologies, Inc. specializes in horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and implementing remediation technologies with horizontal wells

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Directional Technologies, Inc. (Directional Technologies) is advancing the environmental and utility industries. Founded in 1992, Directional Technologies specializes in horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and implementing remediation technologies with horizontal wells. HDD is a steerable and trenchless method of installing utilities and horizontal wells. This established and proven method avoids costly trenching and site restoration; avoids disrupting businesses and operations; and, avoids impacts on pedestrians and vehicular traffic congestion.

Directional Technologies, an HDD drilling company, has installed 1,000s of horizontal wells beneath buildings, active facilities, railroads, highways, airports, wetlands as well as other sensitive areas and infrastructure. In many instances, horizontal remediation wells outperform their vertical counterparts and expedite site cleanup times.

Horizontal soil vapor extraction (SVE) wells, for instance, are instrumental in actively mitigating vapor intrusion and the source area vs. passive mitigation with long-term monitoring. Installing horizontal injection wells for in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) provides larger coverage area with significantly less injection points. Horizontal extraction wells are used for plume control and capture where vertical installations failed in the past.

With Directional Technolgies, remedial actions, which were once considered not feasible, can now proceed towards closure.

Services Include:

Horizontal Remediation Well (HRW) Design / Horizontal Well Screen Design / Horizontal Directional Borings / Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) / Horizontal Air Sparge Design / Horizontal Injection Well Design / Horizontal Remediation Systems / Horizontal Remediation Technologies / Horizontal Remediation Well /Horizontal Remediation Wells/ Horizontal Soil Vapor Extraction / Horizontal SVE Horizontal Water Well Drilling / Horizontal Well Technology / Shallow Horizontal Drilling / Horizontal Oil Well Drilling Soil Vapor Intrusion / Vapor Intrusion Mitigation / Horizontal Wells

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