Horizontal Remediation Well – Benefits


Some of the benefits of directionally drilled horizontal remediation wells include:

  • The ability to access plumes under buildings, roads, highways, wetlands, gas stations, manufacturing facilities, airports, tarmacs…….
  • The ability to place horizontal wells where vertical wells are unfeasible
  • Allows for maximum well screen exposure to the contaminated zone, either  parallel,  perpendicular, or skewed in relationship to the plume’s orientation
  • A zone of influence greater than  multiple vertical wells that would be required to treat the same area
  • Well construction activities that do not disrupt ongoing commercial activity
  • Construction activities requiring minimal site restoration

Many end users are insisting on a remedial construction process that does not interrupt their commercial activities, horizontal remediation wells are a solution.  Contact us at drilling@directionaltech.com to discuss your potential horizontal well project.



Directional Technologies, Inc. has been advancing the environmental and utility industry for over 24 years. Directional Technologies specializes in effectively implementing remediation technologies with horizontal wells. Horizontal directional drilling, or HDD, is a steerable trenchless method of installing remediation wells and underground pipes. This established and proven method significantly minimizes site disruptions and costly site restoration. Horizontal wells can be designed and installed beneath buildings, and around active facility operations or other obstructions. In many instances, horizontal remediation wells have outperformed their vertical counterparts and accelerated site closure. Horizontal soil vapor extraction (SVE) wells have effectively addressed and provide a horizontal vapor intrusion remedy. Installing horizontal injection wells for in situ chemical oxidation has allowed for larger coverage with significantly less injection points. Horizontal extraction wells have been used for plume control and capture where previously vertical installations failed. With horizontal directional technologies, remedial actions can proceed where previously not considered feasible.