General Capabilities and Services of Directional Technologies, Inc. 

Directional Technologies specializes in Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) and implementing remediation technologies with horizontal wells.

Horizontal Well (Horizontal Remediation Well) Design and Construction Services

Directional Technologies is among a handful of horizontal directional drilling Horizontal Directional Drilling Servicescontractors in the world experienced in using horizontal directional drilling technology to install Horizontal Remediation Wells for environmental remediation applications.

Horizontal Well Design

Planning and preliminary consulting to engineers and site managers as they assess the technical appropriateness of horizontal wells.  Assistance may include:

  • Selecting remediation equipment and horizontal well materials
  • Horizontal Well Design
  • Constructability review to assist design engine with practical insights for efficient implementation of horizontal well designs

Horizontal Well Construction

On-site planning for proposed bore paths

  • Equipment mobilization
  • Horizontal Boring
  • Screen fabrication and placement
  • Horizontal well development
  • System startup assistance, performance monitoring, and performance evaluation
  • Turnkey design-build remediation

Directional Technologies has installed 1,000s of horizontal wells beneath buildings, active facilities, railroads, highways, airports, wetlands as well as other sensitive areas and infrastructure. In many instances, horizontal remediation wells outperform their vertical counterparts and expedite site cleanup times.

Horizontal soil vapor extraction (SVE) wells, for instance, are instrumental in actively mitigating vapor intrusion and the source area vs. passive mitigation with long-term monitoring. Installing horizontal injection wells for in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) provides larger coverage area with significantly fewer injection points. Horizontal extraction wells are used for plume control and capture where vertical installations failed in the past.

Horizontal Directional Drilling Services

As horizontal directional drilling specialists, Directional Technologies has extensive experience and all necessary equipment for making trenchless installations for a wide range of clients from telecommunications electrical, natural gas, water mains, and other utility services. Project requirements have ranged from placing 2-inch single-conduit material to 20-inch pipe.

Underground Utility Installations

Any underground utility that can be installed with  horizontal directional drilling Directional Technologies Capabilities and Servicesincluding:

  • Telecommunication conduits
  • Electrical line
  • Natural Gas line
  • Water Main
  • Sewer Line

Horizontal Soil Sampling

Download our one-page capability summary: Directional Technologies Capability Statement April 2016



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