Applications of Horizontal Wells for Environmental Remediation Systems 

If you are considering vertical wells for site remediation, more than likely Directional Technologies, Inc. can design a Horizontal Remediation Well system that would not only achieve a more rapid site closure, but ultimately cost you less than vertical.

Horizontal Well Design applications include: 

• Air Sparging
• Biosparging
• Bioventing
• Soil Vapor Extraction
• Dual Phase Extraction
• Chemical Oxidation/ISCO Injection
• Air Sparge Barrier Wells
• Six Phase Heating
• Groundwater Extraction
• Cathodic Protection
• Vapor Intrusion
• Bioamendment Injection
• Landfill Leachate Collection
• Landfill Gas Collection
• Free Product Recovery
• Horizontal Soil Sampling for Site Assessment
• And more…



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